Automatic 10trays hot air convection oven

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Automatic 10trays hot air convection oven is our commercial small electrical appliance, used in various restaurants and sold in various large supermarkets.

This type has 5pans, 8 pans and 10 pans to choose from, welcome to come to consult.

  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T;L/C;CASH
  • Min.Order Quality: 1set
  • Supply Ability: 1-20set/month
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    The hot air oven is the ideal equipment for baking cookies, bread and cakes. Its characteristics: uniform fire color, which is not comparable to that of ordinary ovens; high-efficiency energy-saving technology makes the energy more fully utilized; adopts imported components, super heat insulation, tight sealing and good heat insulation performance, reducing heat loss

    1.The convection oven Energy by electricity or gas.
    2. Stainless steel construction is convection to cleaning, also, it can make sure the durability.
    3. Daylighting can observe the baking fire color of the food in time through the furnace door glass.
    4. Steam oven height between trays could be adjusted.
    5. Two digital timers, one is baking time set-up, the other one is water-spraying timer set-up.
    6. The super-strong heating system can provide sufficient steam at any time according to the process requirements

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  • Item Name Hot-air convection oven
    Specified voltage 380V/50Hz three phase
    Power 15KW
    Temperature range room temperature-400℃
    Grill layers 10layers×1=10tray
    Inner size 420*610*1145mm
    Package dimention 1000*1390*1630mm
    Overall size 905*1280*1520mm
    Net weight 250kg
    Material stainless steel
    Tray size 400*600mm

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