Настольная глазировочная машина для шоколада PAPA Machine

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Настольная глазировочная машина для шоколада PAPA Machine специально разработана для высокопроизводительного бизнеса. Он широко используется в крупных магазинах или только начинающих бизнес, таких как пекарня, гостиница, ресторан, пищевая фабрика и так далее.



  • Порт: Шанхай
  • Термины компенсации: T / T; L / C; НАЛИЧНЫЕ
  • Мин. Качество заказа: 1 комплект
  • Возможность поставки: 1-20set / месяц
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    Настольная глазировочная машина для шоколада PAPA Machine

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    машина для глазирования шоколада для продажи шоколада с охлаждающим туннелем для шоколада, обеспечивающая высокое качество конечных продуктов и красивую поверхность.

    Глазировщик для шоколада для домашнего использования также может координироваться с дополнительным оборудованием, таким как декоратор и разбрызгиватель гранул.
    1. Decorator: to decorate stripes or zigzags of different color on the surface of the products.
    2. Granule sprinkler: to sprinkle little granules on the surface of chocolate coated products.


    Технические параметры:

    Глазировочная машина для шоколада, предназначенная для продажи, является специально разработанной базой для обработки и обработки шоколада в Италии и Великобритании в лабораторных условиях. Все машины изготовлены из SUS304. Он используется для приготовления высококачественной шоколадной глазури из чистого или сложного шоколада. Его можно легко закрепить на шоколадной машине PE8-60 или снять для стирки.
    1.Tabletop chocolate enrober is a special equipment which is used for producting assorted chocolates.Is can coat chocolates think liquid in the surface of many kinds of kinds of foods.
    2. Such as protein bar, energy bar, cereal bar, peanut bar, energy ball, cookie, cake, biscuit and candy etc,chocolate product have many varions flavours.
    3. Мини-машина для глазирования шоколада может наносить шоколадную жидкость на поверхность многих видов продуктов.

    -This is a machine for coating chocolate on foods such as bread, cake, biscuits, nougat and protein bars.
    -This PAPA Machine tabletop chocolate enrober is designed for pure chocolate and cocoa butter coating.
    -PAPA Machine tabletop chocolate enrober can be adjusted to cover only the top of the product, or cover the top and bottom of the product.
    -The belt width of the coating machine can be customized according to the required size.
    -PAPA Machine tabletop chocolate enrober can be easily controlled through the touch panel on the machine.

    модель PE8 PE15 PE30 PE60
    Размер (мм) 3000x570x1350 3000x640x1350 3200x710x1350 3400x910x1400
    Максимальная скорость ленты 2 м / мин 2 м / мин 2 м / мин 2 м / мин
    Метод нагрева электрическое отопление электрическое отопление электрическое отопление электрическое отопление
    Суммарная мощность 1,8 кВт 2,0 кВт 2,8 кВт 3,1 кВт
    Ширина металлической сетки 180 мм 180 мм 180 мм 300 мм
    Ширина конвейерной ленты 200 мм 200 мм 200 мм 400 мм
    Длина ремня 1000 мм 1000 мм 1200 мм 1400 мм
    Максимальная емкость 8кг / ч 15 кг / ч 35 кг / ч 40кг / ч

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    304 stainless steel mesh belt for chocolate coating machine

    It is called food mesh belt, chocolate mesh belt or trapezoidal mesh belt . This mesh belt is usually a gear transmission mesh belt, which has the advantages of good air permeability, uniform tension and fine workmanship. This mesh belt has flexible rotation and good stability. , High temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics.

    Chocolate coater control panel

    It can be used for temperature regulation, melting and storage of chocolate, with a digital temperature control system for better melting and chocolate coating.

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    Small chocolate coating machine demo video: 

    Small chocolate enrobing machine with cooling tunnel for protein protein bar working video: 

    Food display of small chocolate enrobing machine: 


    emergy ball with chocolate coating


    biscuit with chocolate covering


    coating chocolate on the donut surface


    cookie with chocoate enrobing

    cake pops1

    cake pop with chocoate choating

    protein bar2

    protein bar with chocoate covering


    fruit with chocoate choating


    nut with chocoate covering

    Questions you may be concerned about: (click the frame to know the answer)

    What is a Chocolate Coating Machine?

    Chocolate coating machine belongs to one of the machines in the confectionery equipment, we generally use chocolate coating machine to coat the food with a layer of chocolate. This chocolate covering equipment can be connected with other machines, such as protein bar extruder, машину для ,encrusting making machine etc., to form a continuous production line.

    We usually use coating machine equipment to apply to the surface of products such as candy, cakes, etc. In addition, chocolate covering can also be applied to pharmaceuticals and other fields to coat different pharmaceutical products.

    What are the functions of the chocolate coating machine?

    1 temperature adjustment
    2 melting and storage function
    3 with scraper, mixer and stir device
    4 stainless steel
    5 digital temperature control system
    6 with water interlayer heating equipment, can be used for external heating and heat preservation

    What are the advantages of a chocolate coating machine?

    The chocolate coating machine can not only ensure that the chocolate puree is evenly coated on the surface of the food, but also can recycle the excess chocolate puree.

    Chocolate covering machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, the machine is easy to clean, not easy to corrode and damage, antibacterial and durable.

    The chocolate enrobing machine can quickly complete the processes of chocolate melting, chocolate coating, and chocolate solidification in a short time, reducing unnecessary downtime, saving a lot of time and cost, increasing throughput, and affecting business lines.

    The chocolate enrober can ensure that the chocolate is evenly attached to the surface of the food, making the product more beautiful.

    What are the characteristics of the coating machin

    The papa coating machine is suitable for all kinds of chocolate syrup, syrup, batter, egg liquid coating and so on.

    The coating machine has the advantages of uniform slurry coating, small slurry loss, suitable for various slurry with high consistency, small slurry capacity, and no product rewinding. The coating machine can be used alone or matched with other equipment. It is suitable for various other products that need to be coated with pulp. One machine is multi-purpose, and customers can buy it with confidence.

    Is Cooling Tunnel Necessary in Chocolate Coating Line?

    Undoubtedly, chocolate cooling tunnel is considered an indispensable auxiliary equipment for integration into a chocolate coating line.
    However, the cooling tunnel is kept at about minus 15°C-5°C and the temperature is lower to allow faster curing of the coated product. Save the chocolate setting time to a great extent and improve work efficiency.
    Therefore, chocolate cooling tunnel is an important part of the entire chocolate coating line.

    Does Chocolate Coating Machine come with Chocolate Tempering System?

    It depends on the type of chocolate coater you buy. For the most part, you can always buy an all-in-one chocolate coater with all of its parts and components intact. You can also choose to purchase the machine and its different components separately, including the tempering system.
    In short, the tempering system is a key component of a chocolate coater.

    How to solve the failure problems that may be encountered in the work of the chocolate coating machine?

    It depends on the failure or type of failure the chocolate coater is experiencing. In most cases, our company provides detailed operation manuals, operation videos and disassembly videos with all possible troubleshooting instructions. In addition, we will also contact customers online within 24 hours, and guide customers how to operate the machine through video calls and other means.

    Nonetheless, here are the common machine failure problems you may encounter and how to deal with them:

    Uneven distribution of chocolate coating:

    A common cause is stalled vibration or blower stations. To resolve this issue, make sure the vibration station is set up correctly to match the necessary vibration requirements of the product.

    Chocolate setting time is too slow:

    Usually caused by dry air, mainly due to insufficient cooling. Troubleshooting this requires a longer cooling tunnel and a constant temperature of -15°C-5°C at all times, with belt speed adjustable to the slowest.

    What is the technical difference of the chocolate coating machine?

    In terms of technology, the traditional chocolate coating machine does not involve higher-level technology, it is difficult to have a higher production capacity, and it is difficult for the machine to achieve automatic production.

    Our technology has improved dramatically over the years and is continually being optimized and improved every year.

    For example, the equipment is equipped with a touch screen panel control, which can be used to monitor and control different machine parameters, reduce errors and make the product more beautiful, which also makes it easy to determine and maintain the quality of the final product.

    Modern chocolate coaters also have a thermostat. This equipment facilitates faster and more efficient adjustment of temperature settings based on desired processing conditions.

    What after-sales service is provided about the chocolate coating machine?

    1. All products of our company are guaranteed for one year. During the product warranty period, our company provides free maintenance services and free replacement of components and accessories for faults caused by product quality problems. Lifetime paid warranty is implemented outside the warranty period;

    2. Customized products can be customized according to customer requirements, and the products are packaged according to wooden boxes, wooden frames, films, etc.;

    3. All products come with detailed instructions and some vulnerable accessories, and provide professional free product use, maintenance, repair, maintenance and general troubleshooting knowledge training to ensure that users can use our company's products correctly;

    4. The wearing parts during the warranty period of the equipment will be provided free of charge at random, and we promise to provide the spare parts needed to maintain the equipment at a favorable price.

    Что вас больше всего убивает при покупке ???

    1. У вас есть машина в наличии?
    Да у нас есть! возможна доставка в течении 3х дней!

    2. Можете ли вы предоставить информацию о местных клиентах?
    Да мы можем! Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами для получения дополнительной информации!

    3. Что делать, если ваша машина не может производить нашу продукцию?
    Во-первых, мы проводим пробную проверку перед заказом! Во-вторых, мы обещаем полное возмещение, если проба не удалась!

    4. Какая у вас гарантия?
    Мы предлагаем 2 года гарантии и пожизненное обслуживание!

    5. Что делать, если машина выходит из строя или не работает должным образом?
    Получение «надежного годового опроса» клиентов за десятилетия. Для получения конкретных данных, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами!
    По гарантии бесплатная замена! Послегарантийное обслуживание, онлайн-сервис или инженерная диспетчеризация!

    6. Осуществляете ли вы монтаж и пусконаладочные работы?

    Other ancillary equipment for chocolate

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    Q1: каков ваш срок оплаты?

    A1: 30% T / T в качестве первоначального взноса, 70% остаток оплачивается перед отправкой. Или безотзывный аккредитив по предъявлении.
    Q2: Какая у вас гарантия на оборудование?
    A2: Наша гарантия составляет 24 месяца, пожизненное обслуживание.
    Q3: Можете ли вы организовать доставку?
    A3: Да, мы можем организовать доставку для клиента в соответствии с требованиями наших клиентов.
    Q4: Осуществляете ли вы установку и ввод в эксплуатацию?
    A4: Да, мы предоставляем услуги по отправке технических специалистов для установки и ввода в эксплуатацию машины, запуска машины и обучения местной команды.
    Q5: Предоставляете ли вы формулу для машины?
    A5: Да, мы предоставляем формулу. Мы можем помочь скорректировать формулу в соответствии с местными вкусами клиента, если он того требует.
    Q6: Вы делаете индивидуальную машину?
    A6: Да, мы обеспечиваем индивидуальное обслуживание оборудования в соответствии с требованиями заказчика. Мы также предоставляем готовые решения, если этого требует заказчик.

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