• Post time: Nov-25-2022

    Fully equipped manufacturing plant and facilities Our high-quality machines depend on our ability to combine technology with quality. We support personal services with the highest level of integrity, which enables us to repeatedly meet the changing requirements of customers and the markets we ope...Read more »

  • Why Does PAPA Machine Success From Competitors?
    Post time: Nov-11-2022

    Shanghai Papa Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the best food machinery manufacturers in Asia. Papa machine has broad prospects. In addition, my father will invest a lot of money every year to research and develop machines to meet the market demand.   outline Shanghai Papa is a food machinery manufa...Read more »

  • What Does Papa Machine Do?
    Post time: Nov-04-2022

    The goal of Shanghai Papa Industrial Co., Ltd. is to help each customer to obtain more profits. Help customers to develop a variety of products that are popular in the market and expand their production business, so as to obtain more profits. Shanghai Papa Industrial Co., Ltd. has the first-class...Read more »

  • Who is Papa Machine?
    Post time: Oct-28-2022

    Shanghai Papa Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai, China. The total area of the factory is about 1000-3000 square meters. Shanghai Papa Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of various food machinery, such as energy ball ...Read more »

  • Pre shipment test – American peanut energy ball
    Post time: Oct-21-2022

    Just this week, we completed the test of the peanut energy ball making machine designed for American customers. The peanut energy ball making machine is a multi-functional product. It can also make energy balls/energy balls/coconut date balls/protein balls/protein balls, etc. Ball making machine ...Read more »

  • What is the future of cereal bars?
    Post time: Sep-18-2022

    Oat bars, energy bars and protein bars are currently very popular snacks and breakfast cereal bars, with a large consumer market. Research shows that taste is the dominant factor for consumers to buy cereal bars, followed by brittleness and chewiness. Products that are easy to carry and consume w...Read more »

  • Are cereal bars healthy?
    Post time: Sep-18-2022

    Food grade stainless steel refers to the parts of the equipment in the cereal bar production line that are in contact with food and must comply with the corresponding food safety regulations. The energy bar manufacturing equipment is healthy and safe, and is made of food grade 304 stainless steel...Read more »

  • How are granola bars made?
    Post time: Aug-31-2022

    How are granola bars made? Crunchy granola is made by toasting loosely compacted sheets of raw material, then cooling, crumbling, and coarsely grinding into small clumps. The process relies on gentle handling and accurate heat transfer to achieve the ideal balance between product quality and effi...Read more »

  • How do I start a protein bar business?
    Post time: Aug-31-2022

    How do I start a protein bar business? Conduct market research. … Develop a recipe. … Research all of the labeling, health and nutritional guidelines to ensure you are complying with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. … Develop packaging and marketing materials. ...Read more »

  • Best Food Processor for Nut Butter: How to Pick the Best One
    Post time: Aug-31-2022

    A food processor is a useful food factory tool that can be used not only for nut bars, but also for making many different foods: popcorn candies, sesame crisps, fruit bars, and more. You may be wondering where to find the best food processor for nut bars. To help you choose, I’ve put togeth...Read more »

  • Do You Really Know Chocolate?
    Post time: Jul-22-2022

    01 cocoa beans Cocoa bean producing areas are mainly distributed in areas within 20 degrees north and south of the equator. Growing cocoa beans requires high temperatures and humidity, but each region has its own unique flavors, such as fragrant and smoky flavors. The main producing areas of coco...Read more »

  • What should I pay attention to when making granola?
    Post time: Jul-01-2022

    Due to improper machine selection or low quality, the following problems can occur: 1. Untidy granola bars? The most important reason for this problem is because the knife of the machine is not sharp, it needs to be a downward cutting knife, and it is durable. 2. How did you stick all the materia...Read more »

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