Automatic cookie biscuites ultrasonic cutting machine

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The ultrasonic cutter equipment provided by our company is often used in various food factories to cut various foods, such as cookies, frozen dough, biscuits, bread and other foods.
Support custom blade width and overall machine size, can be combined with other equipment to form a production line…

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    This high-capacity ultrasonic cutter is designed for food slicing with a cutting speed of 110 knives per minute, accuracy of 1 mm.
    The size of the cut product can be adjusted according to actual production conditions, and the cutting which can be entered into the computer system beforehand. It also can be called through the touch screen control interface.

    The ultrasonic slicer can beconnected to the single-row extruder before, and can cut the product continuously, and the cutting efficiency is high.
    After that, it can be connected to the packaging machine, and the assembly line can be automated.
    1.Achieve less waste and large output
    2.Hygienic, easy to clean
    3.The cut surface is smooth and tidy, non-sticky, and the multi-layer products are not colored.
    4.Intelligent system, simple and operation,easy switching of multiple products
    5.After the setting is completed, one button starts, fully automatic cutting
    6.The automatic frequency chasing ultrasonic driving power source tracks the ultrasonic cutting knife frequency in real time, and the ultrasonic cutting knife works in a stable state, which is suitable for continuous working for a long time.

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