Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine

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Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine adopts 304 stalness steel, with high speed and efficiency. This Small capacity energy bites making rolling machinee is exquisitely designed, small and exquisite, does not occupy space, and is cheap. Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine is suitable for cake houses, bakeries, family workshops, school canteens, western restaurants and other occasions.

  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T;L/C;CASH
  • Min.Order Quality: 1set
  • Supply Ability: 1-20set/month
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    Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine

    Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine

    Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine which we special design for small business use like the store, bakery shop or home.

    Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine can make kinds of food balls like energy ball, bliss ball, cookie dough ball, rum ball, tamarind ball, protein bites, rumkugeln, meatball, fish ball, falafel, croquettes, etc. Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine can work with rounder for a round well if high request.

    And Small capacity energy bites making rolling machines also can add a hopper for filling food, like kubba, coxinha, maamoul, filled cookies, mooncake, chocolate chip cookies, designed cookies, etc.

    energy ball machine

    Date Ball Machine

    * Machine body & Hopper made by 304 Stainless steel.

    * Special designed mold/Nozzle can make different size balls.

    * Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine can make 1 line, 2 lines, 4 lines or 6 rows at one time, so it not only suitable for small capacity business use but also can use in big capacity business.

    * Specification designed to make the mold easier to clean and install.

    * The Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine will be installed ready when shipment, no need to install when received.

    Automatic Rounder machine

    * Using for making products more rounder than hand-making.

    * The roller size can be custom-made according to your size request.

    * Machine body is made of 304 stainless steel.

    * The roller coating with Teflon, will not stick and healthy enough.

    small ball rolling machine
    coconut ball coating machine

    Coconut coating machine

    * Machine body is made by 304 stainless steel

    * The Coater is coating with Teflon on the surface, will not stick and healthy enough.

    * Easy operating.

    * Suitable for various materials like coconuts, chocolate, sesame, powder, sugar, breadcrumbs.

    * No limit on product size.

    Model P110
    Capacity 10-60pcs/min
    Product shape Ball,cone,round,strip,etc
    Product weight 10-150g
    Power 1kw
    Voltage 220v/50hz
    Dimension 1050*920*1000mm
    Weight 150kg

    Product display

    Brigadeiro balls machine

    A popular product in South America, brigadeiro ball consists of 3 simple ingredients: condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. The mixture is then rolled up and covered with sprinkles or other toppings. Our brigadeiro making machine can extruder and roller brigadeiro balls evenly, which is more precise than hand-made brigadeiro balls.

    Cake balls machine

    Cake balls are a welcome addition to any party, and they're also super cute party favors. Serve chocolate covered with cake balls for a quick treat. Our cake pop machine can do the cake pop forming and then require the customer to manually insert the stick.

    Dates balls machine

    Date Energy Balls combine our favorite nuts and dried fruits with the natural sweetness of dates for a delicious no-bake snack we all love.Our date ball making machine can make date balls of different sizes according to customers' requirements.

    Bliss balls machine

    Bliss balls are usually created with a base of nuts and seeds, which contain a lot of healthy fats and are rich in fibre and protein. Almonds, for example, are a good source of vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin B2.Our Bliss balls making machine can make 30-60 Bliss balls per minute, which greatly frees your hands.

    Coconuts balls maker

    If you're a sweet tooth, these Coconut Balls are sure to satisfy your cravings. Chocolate Coconut Balls are made with coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and almonds, then topped with leftover desiccated coconut. Our Coconut Ball Maker makes the desiccated coconut more evenly covered.

    Fruit balls production line

    Fruit Balls are a chewy snack with natural sweetness from fruit and honey. Almonds on the inside and coconut on the outside. Just pour the stirred raw materials into the hopper, and the fruit ball making machine can run to make fruit balls with beautiful and round appearance.

    Energy balls machine

    Energy Balls are made with protein and fat rich ingredients like butter, nuts, etc. Contains carbohydrates that provide our body with long-lasting energy. Customers can choose a single machine, such as an automatic extruder, which extruder machine extrude uniform pellets and then spheronizes manually, or an entire production line.

    Protein balls machine

    Protein balls are usually made from dried fruit and nut butters, which means they provide a lot of high-quality fats and energy that are good for our physical and mental health.If you are not sure if our machine can make your protein balls, you can send us the ingredients and we will test the machine for you.



    protein ball machine
    date ball machine
    energy ball machine
    peanut ball machine

    P110 Mini date ball making machine 

    36mm small scale date ball roller machine

    cookies dough ball making machine for Japan

    40mm diameter small food ball machine

    Small coconut ball making machine

    Small energy date protein ball machine

    Questions you might be concerned about:

    Can the protein energy ball machine make energy balls of many sizes?

    Our protein energy ball machine can make small balls with a diameter of 10mm-50mm. If customers want to know wether we can customize larger size balls? We need to evaluate according to the product pictures and raw material mixing videos provided by customers to determine whether they can be produced.

    If I have more than one size ball, can your energy ball do it?

    Yes, our machines can do it. The size of the ball is determined by the extruder mould and rolling disc. Customers only need to customize a variety of extruder mould and rolling disc to make pellets of different sizes.

    Can the energy ball maker make soft and hard materials?

    Our company's technicians have many years of experience. We will judge the softness and hardness of the raw materials according to the food pictures and stirring videos provided by customers, and determine whether our machine can make it.

    What weight of energy balls can your energy ball machine make?

    Usually our energy ball machine can make food weights from 10g to 250g, the lightest weight we have ever made is 6g. We recommend customers to tell us the diameter of the energy ball so that we can make matching molds.

    Can we just buy energy balls

    The customer only chooses the energy ball machine, but not the dough extruder, the customer must make each piece of dough by hand, make sure that each piece is the same weight, and then manually put the dough into the ball machine. This way will waste a lot of labor and time of the customer. Also, cutting each piece of dough does not guarantee an exact consistency of dough weight, the customer must weigh each piece piece by piece, which is not a cost-effective solution. In conclusion, we recommend customers to use the energy bar extruder together.

    Is the energy ball maker easy to clean and disassemble

    The energy ball machine is easy to disassemble into parts, the customer only needs to remove the hopper part and wash it with water. The second section to clean is the conveyor belt, which is also easy to remove. We provide customers with complete disassembly videos and assembly videos.

    Do you have protein ball packaging machine?

    Yes, we have.We have flow protein ball packaging machine and vertical protein ball packaging machine for customers to choose. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us

    Can we test the energy ball machine before buying? How do we test?

    Customers are always welcome to try our protein ball machine. There are generally two ways for customers to test our protein ball machine:

    1. Customers visit in person or entrust a third party to do door-to-door testing.

    2. Customers give us their raw materials and formulas, we test for customers.

    3. The machine will be tested before shipment, and then the test video will be provided to the customer.

    What if the protein ball maker fails to make balls after testing? Can we get refund?

    We agree to a full refund if our protein ball machine is tested to not do the customer's material.

    Can the voltage of the energy ball machine be customized, such as 220V?

    The machine voltage can be customized according to customer's requirements, and the protein ball machine voltage can be customized as 380V or 110V. We can add transformers for customers. The protein ball molding machine can also be customized as 220V, three-phase. The standard voltage of our protein ball machine is 220V, 50HZ, single phase.

    What is your warranty for the chocolate truffle making machine ? What if the chocolate truffle machine broken?

    For the chocolate truffle machine, our warranty period is 12 months and lifetime service.

    We are responsible for any problems with the machine during the warranty period, and we are responsible for free maintenance. After the warranty period, we still maintain the service, we only charge the customer cost price for the damaged parts, and ship the spare parts to the customer as soon as possible.

    Does this chocolate ball machine require installation and training?

    If the customer needs, our engineers can install it at any time; the chocolate ball machine is small in size, complete in packaging, and sent to the customer without installation; the chocolate ball machine adopts touch screen PLC automatic control, through the digital operation on the screen, the operation is simple, we have detailed Instructions and how-to videos for customer training; Finally, we have a service team to support online services.

    If customers need our installation and commissioning services, we will arrange visa application and arrange engineer.

    Do you have the certification of the energy ball machine?

    For the energy ball machine, we have CE certification and certificate of origin.

    Which countries did you sell this energy ball shaper to?

    The protein ball machine mainly produces jujube balls, energy balls and protein balls. Our biggest markets are USA, UK, Australia, India, Middle East. Our protein ball machine is very popular in Australia for making protein balls and happiness balls. The Australian Protein Ball Roller can produce both protein balls and protein bars. Our chocolate truffle maker sells well in Europe and South America, especially the UK and Chile. Our date ball machines are very popular in the Middle East, especially in Dubai. Recently cake pop making machines are very popular in the US.

    Our company

    Shanghai PAPA Industrial Co.Ltd, established in 2014, is located near Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong airport. Short distance, convenient for customers to visit the workshop. After more than 10 years of experience and technology accumulation, our company has a first-class production base and R&D building, as well as a full set of processing equipment. In addition, we also have a group of senior engineers and technicians who design and improve the best machines according to the different requirements of customers and provide customers with test bases.




    Service flow

    After-sale service

    1.Free assembling and installation, free operation and training.

    2.12months quality warranty since the date of installation. Whole life services.

    3.During warranty, all maintenance and damaged spare parts for free. After the warranty, all charges with cost price.

    4.Support 24 hours hotline service, as well as email and video communications.

    5.Engineer is always available for customers' machine adjustment and maintenance if required. 

    If you are interested in our small capacity energy bites making rolling machine, welcome to buy the custom equipment with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Top-quality, reliable performance and competitive price can be assured.


    Customer feedbacks

    customer feedbacks

    Is it cheap to make your own Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine?

    1. Manual capacity:

    1. ABT 500pcs/day. 2. The output is low. 3. The size is inconsistent, and the appearance of the product is not beautiful. 4. No sanitary protection. 5. Batch operation. 6. Time cost.


    2. Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine capacity: 1. At least 30-60/min. 2. 1800-3600 pieces/hour. 3. High speed 5. Uniform size. 4. A clean and tidy production environment. 7. It can run continuously. 8. Save time.


    3. Labor cost (European reference):

    Monthly salary:

    ABT 3,000USD/month>36,000USD/year→360,000USD/10 years.

    Assumptions: No resignation, no salary increase, no allowances, no social security contributions.


    4. Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine cost (bar machine reference):

    Bar machine cost:

    1,2000USD/SET (average service life: 10 years) 120USD/month.


    5. Space requirements:

    Before: Workers and work facilities huddled together.

    Now: The Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine is only 1.1m² (bar machine and ref).

    Labor-free, the Small capacity energy bites making rolling machine occupies a small area, and the space is used reasonably.

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  • Model P110
    Capacity 10-60pcs/min
    Product shape Ball,cone,round,strip,ect
    Product weight 10-150g
    Power 1kw
    Voltage 220v/50hz
    Dimension 1050*920*1000mm
    Weight 150kg

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