Different shape of cereal bar moulding machine

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This machine is mainly used for cutting cereal bar, rice candy ,peanut candy etc.. This machine has a simple operation, good easy to use, production capacity, cut molding, etc.

  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T;L/C;CASH
  • Min.Order Quality: 1set
  • Supply Ability: 1-20set/month
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    Different shape of cereal bar moulding machine can make puffed rice Krispie,rice roller,rice bites,rice ball,cylinder rice bar,crispy candy,cereal balls in different shapes,like round shape,ball shape,cylinder shape,square shape,and so on.


    1.The shapes produced can be various, for instance, round type, round bar, square type, semi-circle type, triangular type and blossom type.

    2. Mechanical soft pressure will not damage nut particles with more elegant molding. Direct mould pressing and molding can be free from rework, which saves materials cost and wastes.

    3.The whole machine is in mechanical transmission instead of pneumatic pump; positioning is precise, the upper and low mould coordinates each other tightly and the molding effect is excellent.

    4. Converter with high performance is equipped, which makes speed regulating more convenient, efficiency high and performance stable; 24-h successive production in high speed is accessible.

    5.All the moulds and hoppers have been conducted with anti-stick disposal.

    6. All the links contacting the goods are the nonpoisonous and harmless materials which are oil and high temperature resistance.

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  • Model P201
    Capacity 100-400kg/h
    Power: 3.5kw
    Voltage 380v
    Dimension 6600*850*1450mm

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