Ukadiche Modak Machine

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Ukadiche Modak Machine   is  Multifunctional, available for making any stuffing products ,  maamoul making machine can produce maamoul, mooncake, cookies and so on.

  • Port: Shanghai
  • Payment Terms: T/T;L/C;CASH
  • Min.Order Quality: 1set
  • Supply Ability: 1-20set/month
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    Ukadiche Modak Machine


    Ukadiche Modak Machine   is a multi-fuctional machine which can do bar shape, round shape, continuous-bar shape, triangle shape and son on.Maamoul making machine can be used to make all kinds of stuffing products, such as crystal cake, stuffing cookies, stuffing cakes, stuffing mooncakes, crisp cake with pineapple, steamed dumpling with meshed pea, sticky rice ball meat ball and so on.


    automatic maamoul making machine


    maamoul making machine


    machine maamoul tunisie


    China maamoul making machine


    1. Automatic Encrusting Machine: high speed, and the fastest speed can produce 99 pieces per minute, which is 1.5 times that of similar machines. The automatic encrusting machine has many functions and can be used to make any filling products, such as filling cookies, filling cakes, kubba, etc.

    2.Automatic stamping machine: suitable for moulding and forming maamoul or mooncake, making different patterns by changing different moulds. The mold can be customized.

    3.Automatic tray arranging machine: products can be automatically discharged into trays.


    Maamoul filling machine


    Stamping machine


    Automatical tray arranging machine

    Ukadiche Modak Machine  working video

    Ukadiche Modak machine

    Custom maamoul moulds with different shapes and logo




    Our company

         Shanghai PAPA Industrial Co.Ltd, established in 2004, is located near Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong airport.Short distance, convenient for customers to visit the workshop. After more than 10 years of experience and technology accumulation, our company has first-class production base and R&D building, as well as a full set of processing equipment. In addition, we also have a group of senior enginners and technicians who design and improve the best machines according to the diiferent requirements of customers, and provide customers with test bases.


    What skills you most during a purchase?

    1.Do you have machine in stock?

    Yes, we have! And we can delivery within 3 days.

    2.Can you provide your local client information?

    Yes, we can! Please contact us for more information!

    3.What if your machine can not make our products?

    Firstly, we provide trial test before order! Secondly, we promise full refoud if trial failed!

    4.What if machine breaks down or not working properly!

    We order 1 year warranty and lifetime serviice!

    5.What if machine breaks down or not working proper?

    Acquiring "durable year survey" of clients over decades, For specific data, please contact us!During warranty, free replacement! After warrant, online service or engineer dispatching!


    Q1: What is your payment term?

    A1: 30% T/T as down payment, 70% balance paid before shipping. Or Irrevocable L/C at sight.


    Q2:What is your warranty for machinery?
    A2: Our warranty is 24 months, life time service.
    Q3: Can you arrange shipment?
    A3: Yes,we can arrange the shipment for customer according to our customers’ requirements.
    Q4: Do you provide installation and commissioning?
    A4: Yes, we provide service to send technicians for machine installation and commissioning, machine running and local team training.
    Q5: Do you provide formula for machine?
    A5: Yes, we provide the formula.we can help adjust the formula according to customer's local taste if customer require.
    Q6: Do you make customized machine?
    A6: Yes, we provide machine custom service according to customer's requirements. We also provide turnkey solution if customer require.

    What is maamoul?

    Maamoul (or called mamoul or mamool) is a dates or nuts filled cookie based on semolina flour as the dough material in Middle Eastern countries. Maamoul is usually eaten in the Easter holiday, but now maamoul can be easily found well packed in the supermarket or in a food shop.

    What is mooncake?

    Mooncake is the festive food of the Mid-Autumn Festival which was originally offered to worship the moon god. Mooncake is made based on flour as the dough, and nuts, fruits or meat as the stuffing. Since its development, eating mooncake and admiring the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival have become a must-have custom for the Mid-Autumn Festival in various parts of the north and south of China. Moon cake symbolizes reunion, and people regard it as a festive food, and use it to offer sacrifices to relatives and friends.

    What is the difference between maamoul and mooncake?

    Maamoul and mooncake are made with similar materials, and they are all eaten for holidays as a local custom culture.

    Are maamoul making machine and mooncake making machine same machine?

    Maamoul making machine and mooncake making machine are the same machine, because they share similar flour and filling materials. The only difference between the maamoul machine and mooncake machine is that they have different patterns and shapes, so the maamoul mould and mooncake mould are different.

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